Sunny Welcome to Glasgow

Upon arrival in Glasgow the weather has been very out of the ordinary to what is typical. It is with my apologies that I am just getting back to keeping up with the blog, however, when you can see the sun in the sky in this beautiful country it is a sin to not take advantage.


Since arriving I have had quite a bit of time to explore and get a feel for the city that will be my fall home this year. Going around to the different parks and through the streets of Glasgow, I feel like I have really taken a liking to the culture. The few European cities I have been to have always been fairly unique from each other, but I feel like Glasgow is really one that stands out from the rest. There is a really interesting mix of different cultures and none of them seem to want to congregate together but rather live among the greater city. 12087562_10153237779017810_1339205735_n

So far my interaction with the locals has been very positive. I’ve spoken to many people while in the shops and have even given a Scot directions to the grocery store. Everyone seems friendly and willing to talk about much of anything, which is surprising for a country with such variable weather. I’ve patronized a number of different restaurants, secretly starting out with seeing what the Scottish attempt was like of American food and then moving into Scottish Coffee shops and a Chinese restaurant. What I really need to give a try is one of the Middle Eastern fast food restaurants. It interesting how I am getting a more authentic taste of some other cultures while here when I came for the Scottish culture, however, it is the mix of all of these cultures which gives Glasgow its identity.


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